Transmission Solutions

Within the aeronautics sector, we work in the turbine, turboprop or turbofan (accessory or power transmission gearboxes) and in the helicopter (auxiliary transmission, main transmission components: MGB, TRGB, PAGB, etc) areas. We also provide solutions for sectors such as Space, Science, Robotics and Medical that require high speeds of rotation, high levels of power and high precision in terms of positioning.

DMP’s customers include the SAFRAN Group, ROLLS-ROYCE and AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, providing:

Conceptual solutions according to customer specifications, with the ability to design, calculate and develop comprehensive systems.

Optimization solutions for existing systems using proprietary software systems, enabling the modelling of micro-contacts and the simulation of their behaviour in nominal operating conditions. This allows DMP to offer altered profiles to reduce noise levels, increase lifespans and increase the performance of trusted systems under study.

Manufacturing solutions for any type of toothing (Hirth, curvic-coupling, conical-straight or helical, spiro-conical, hypoid, HRC, etc) with aeronautical, spacial, cryogenic or ultra-precision features (DIN 1 or non-standard ones for any special application).

Integrated manufacturing, assembly and tested solutions for kinematic or transmission systems, air-bearing systems, cryo-mechanisms, positioning systems (nanomovers, encoders, etc.)

However, our best attribute is our ability to manufacture any rotating or transmission part providing non-standard precision levels or that require the combination of several technologies. Everything designed at DMP is manufactured internally, ensuring full control of technological and industrial risk, as well as guaranteeing a design that is perfectly oriented to the subsequent manufacturing capacity.

Lastly, we manage an important supply chain, allowing us to take charge of any special process (thermo-chemical, surface treatments, HVOF spraying, binding technologies, CND, etc.), often requiring high component features.