In order to support the long-term visions developed with our customers, we at DMP offer a level of organization based on process management, in line with the level of importance of the projects undertaken.

Customer quotation process based on detailed cost-models to support technical-financial meetings and for the early identification of risks to be mitigated.

Assignment of a Key Account Manager per customer, representing the customer in the organization, throughout all the company’s processes.

Engineering for the industrialization of recurring projects under planning with AGILE organisation and project leaders.

Engineering for the manufacture of unique projects (prototypes, R & D, series one shot, etc).

Engineering for optimization of series projects (increased robustness of processes, increased profitability or scope of objectives costs, value analysis, etc), with a team within each mini factory.

In-house production system, based on LEAN, with advanced scheduling, visual management and the system for the resolution of incidents and continuous improvement (CONCOR, SCRA, etc) extended to all our mini factories.

Purchasing and Subcontracting process. DMP has an important supply chain for both special processes as well as inter-operations production.

Innovation process to anticipate objectives shared with customers. The company has a technological development plan in place with a road map, used to invite partner companies and technological centres to collaborate, allowing DMP to complete its portfolio of capabilities through partnerships, and access to new knowledge in particular.