We specialize in the manufacture of highly complex dynamic systems and components. Our vocation involves supporting large OEMs in their challenging outsourcing projects and new technological developments. This therefore positions us as an alternative to the in-house production of its more complex systems or components.

We at DMP achieve this by integrating the majority of the particular technologies present in dynamical systems while the maturity of our organization allows us to offer optimal conditions in terms of know-how and management of risks associated with critical products.

DMP was founded in 1998 with the purpose of occupying a privileged position in the industrial and technological strategy within the demanding precision mechanics sector. Our in-depth knowledge of mechanics and the ability to project and invest in breakthrough solutions have enabled us to capture the attention of the aviation market since we first started our operations.

Our ability to detect and promote opportunities makes us a global player in highly complex mechanics for Aeronautic, Defence and Space, Medicine, Science and other markets. These provide us with the same vision that has guided us since our inception at DMP, namely, the commitment to technological innovation, expertise and maximum attention to the highest standards of management tin order to provide efficient production environments.

Our technological niche- oriented strategy poses continuous challenges for us, both during the conception, industrialization and automated-production cell implantation stages, the reason behind why we promote the qualifications of our personnel and replenish our passion for mechanics, something that allows us to attract more vocational and better prepared profiles.

Year after year, swayed by leading customers from all over the globe, we at DMP advance in the professional development of our processes, growing in terms of skills and qualifications, investing in collaborative R & D and generating innovative products and solutions, striving to become a leading company in the world of transmission and extreme precision mechanics.