Extreme Precision

We at DMP have always attracted the attention of our customers thanks to our culture of high precision and in-depth knowledge of mechanics and the means of production (which we do not hesitate in customising or manufacturing from scratch if these are not available on the market).

With multi-axis rectification resources, coordinate rectification, ultra-precision EDM, multi-axis machining in air-bearing machines with a non-standard meteorological plant (9 three-dimensional, interferometrics, 3D optics, scanners), we combine our technologies to attain and and ensure precision levels well above standard. This advanced and multi-technological industrial platform makes us the top ally for major projects such as Science, Photolithography or Proton Therapy.

The components manufactured by DMP for particles accelerators (CERN, CIEMAT, XFEL, PSI, etc) have levels of flatness in the order of 0.0002 mm and a roughness factor lower than the nanometer, all obtained directly by machining.