Our Added Value

We at DMP provide comprehensive solutions for the manufacture of complex systems or components, generally intended for dynamic elements in aircraft and helicopters or motion/ positioning generators in emerging mechanics niches.

Our optimal combination of technical and risk-management experience allows us to support projects that require the integration of particular technologies with a high degree of criticality. Our technological limit is generally above the standards of our target industries, allowing us to anticipate their technological developments without this undermining our industrial design or the quality guarantees.

We are therefore able to minimize the difficulties encountered by our customers in terms of large companies leading in their respective operational sectors when turning to outside providers to optimize or strengthen their internal production or avail of products within the scope of technological limits. We accelerate the development of their products, increase flexibility of their production and rationalize their production costs, on the basis of a trust that is based on transparent and systematic project management.

Our organization is based on process management, with key figures such as Key Account Manager, our conception of project management with AGILE teams and our autonomous production units or mini factories; all of which have a common production management system.

Based on this collaborative idea, the strategic vision that we share with our customers establishes sufficient horizons to steadily increase the value contributed to their products from conception to integration and final testing. We at DMP capitalize on the culture of our customers and turn it around in the form of industrial efficiency, technology and innovation.